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ABLOY CLIQ key management solution in Exeter

ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE is a central administration and key management solution, combining both the physical security of an ABLOY PROTEC2 mechanical cylinder and the ease of use and flexibility of a web based centrally administered access control solution.
Built for demanding environments and applications in the field of high security and based on the ABLOY PROTEC2 disc cylinder system, which is currently patented until 2031, providing customers with a guarantee that no copies of their keys can be illegally made in the next twenty years. ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE bridges the gap between mechanical locking and electro-mechanical access control solutions.

Key Programming in Exeter

Both the key used for every opening event and the time are recorded in an access register. System administration, key programming and changes to access rights can be carried out in real time at any location anywhere in the world. Mechanical re-keying is unnecessary, as lost keys can easily be deactivated or reactivated when found.

The lithium battery in the key provides the power to the cylinder or padlock once the key is inserted, this means that no battery changes or wiring are required at the door, and is as easy and as quick to fit as a purely mechanical system. The cylinder and padlock range incorporate the majority of the extensive Abloy offering, allowing the customer to use a CLIQ cylinder with almost any existing door hardware without the need to make good or hard wire.

ABLOY certified suppliers

  • For master-keyed systems located even over a geographically wide area
  • Improved key security - keys can be programmed remotely on time
  • Less administrative work and work stations
  • Automatic functions: validation of keys and collection of audit trails
  • Date and time restriction including calendar functions
  • High security data transfer
  • Easy-to-use key management software ABLOY CLIQ Web Manager
  • Huge range of cylinders and locks for even the harshest of environments

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