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Access Control in Exeter 

Every business, whether large or small, has assets that need protecting from theft and criminal damage, as well as staff to be care for. Access Control involves the purposeful restriction of access to a specific door, gate, barrier, machine or specific areas within a building by the use of electronic devices. If you are looking for protection from uncontrolled access, SALTO can deliver the perfect solution, tailored to your exact requirements to provide you with all the security, convenience and control you need.

Access Control Installation in Exeter

Our state-of-the-art electronic locking systems offer flexible and functional access control with a wide choice of software options. Our access control systems are designed to work in a wire free environment so there is no need to hard wire the building, allowing you to keep your original doors and locks in place. This makes installation fast, self-contained and straightforward. An access control system that uses distributed intelligence in both the lock and the key to communicate wireless with PC based SALTO programming software that makes lock re-programming or re-keying a thing of the past.

SALTO certified suppliers

We’re proud that Guardian Security are trusted SALTO certified suppliers, servicing Exeter, Newquay and the South West England region. Both key cards and locks can be programmed to allow or restrict access to different parts of the building. And the information stored in the key card can be transferred to a computer to provide precise audit trail information about where and when each lock has been used including the date, time and whether access was allowed or denied.

And when combined with the additional functionality provided by the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), users can achieve 90% of the benefits of a fully on-line system for the cost of a stand-alone system.
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